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The Minnesota Visit 2011:
One Heart, One Mind, One Universe!


The Center for Spirituality & Healing and the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota have successfully hosted His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama over the weekend of May 6-9, 2011 for a series of four events. We would like to thank all our guest attendees as well as express special gratitude to the hard-working people who helped made these events possible!

A note to attendees of the May 8th events at Mariucci Arena:

While we have received many positive comments about these events, we want to acknowledge that some patrons experienced challenges with security lines, access to the building and had difficulty hearing His Holiness. We can assure you that the large team that facilitated these events worked very hard to make sure that the staffing was adequate to get patrons into events as quickly as possible given the security requirements to guarantee the safety of attendees and of His Holiness. Doors opened two hours prior to the morning event and one and a half hours prior to the afternoon event to accommodate the crowds.

Some patrons have complained about the choice of Mariucci Arena as a venue. Northrop Auditorium is currently closed for three years due to renovations. Consequently, our team identified a venue with enough capacity to provide access to all the events. Aware that acoustics were not ideal for a spoken word event, we made a significant investment to bring in supplemental equipment and technicians to optimize the visual and sound experience. When the professional sound crew became aware that there were issues, they made adjustments to improve the sound. Despite those efforts, and compounded by His Holiness' heavy accent and occasional soft voice, there were still some who were unable to clearly understand the words being said during the Medicine Buddha Empowerment.

We apologize to anyone that experienced difficulty in hearing His Holiness. Currently, we are able to provide these webcasts if you wish to experience the event again. We will continue to update this site with FREE, improved quality webcasts for both events at Mariucci as well as transcripts and pictures over the next several weeks. It is our hope that the webcasts and transcripts will fill in any gaps you may have experienced. Thank you for being a part of the community that gathered to welcome and learn from His Holiness. We look forward to being together to welcome him back to the Twin Cities on his next visit.




We are grateful to the following generous sponsors:

  • Constance Archbald
  • Ruth and Dale Bachman
  • Carole and Douglas Baker Sr.
  • Heidi Heiland
  • Ross and Bridget Levin
  • Libby Lincoln and Brad Fuller
  • Ted and David Loftstrom
  • Peggy and Dave Lucas
  • Timothy and Gayle Ober
  • Schaller O'Neil Family
  • Gary and Nanci Smaby
  • Ted Moores
  • Sundance Pay It Forward Foundation
  • Janny Padelford
  • Carrie Ann Terrell, M.D.
  • Sherry Lund
  • Susan Boren
  • Kate Nielsen
  • Julie Oswald
  • Karen and David Moen


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